Jordyn Petrone
I thought that this place was fantastic. One of the best ramen places that I have been to. I ordered take out and it was nice and hot when I picked it up. I ordered the miso ramen, dumplings, and octopus balls. I have never had anything like the octopus balls. They were so tasty!!!! I completely disagree with the 3.5 rating, I usually go by rating but this place deserves five stars. I went because it was convenient and close to home but like I mentioned above, I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you My Ramen!
David Allen
This is not a regular ramen noodle snack. The portions are large and very tasty, pair with crab Rangoon or spring roll. The crab Rangoon is crispy and tender with a sweet filling. We shared chicken and rice, and sampled the chicken ramen. The food was very filling and the service was fast.
bj deese
The food was wonderful! The ramen and soup were so tasty! And I had the Philly egg rolls…and they didn’t disappoint! ❤️❤️❤️
Eia Mandapat
We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner tonight. We’re big Ramen aficionados, having had it in big cities, including Tokyo. So we were naturally excited when My Ramen opened in PCB! Everything was delicious here…we had Karaage and Takoyaki for starters. Hubby beat me to the Black Garlic Ramen, so I decided on the Tonkotsu Ramen and both were generous in size and big on flavor! Our waitress was very nice and super efficient! This place is one we’ll surely be visiting a lot!
Stephanie Colson
I don’t understand all the bad reviews. To be honest, I think that the people who have the indecency to give this place such a bad review are probably miserable people and when I look at their other reviews, they seem to form a pattern of widespread hatred and hostility towards 8/10’s of the places they visit. I personally LOVED the two times I’ve eaten at My Ramen so far. The first time I had the Black Garlic ramen with some rangoon on the side and it was superb. The rangoon was perfectly fried, with thin wonton, and had delicious filling. I saw someone say it tasted microwaved and that’s just a lie. I ordered the ramen just the way it came at med heat and the broth WAS SO DELICIOUS. It was super flavorful and definitely left me satisfied. I was surprised at how good it was, because this quality of ramen is actually hard to find in this area. A lot of places around here are subpar and i will agree that it being a tourist town with high traffic affects this area negatively sometimes. This place is a total exception, though!! The second time my husband and I ordered it together, he had the Black Garlic ramen and I had the Tonkotsu ramen; I have to say, we both thought it was amazing. I saw so many people slamming this place and I genuinely don’t understand. I get that the egg wasn’t absolutely perfect and soft boiled to a consistency that is usually desired in ramen, but that’s not a deal breaker for me. After it sits in the bowl from being door-dashed or picked up by us and is susceptible to the steam build up, I don’t mind. I absolutely love this place and will give them my business as long as they stay open. I love y’all, thank you for trying your best. I’m so sorry there are so many jerks around here who act as if they’re snobby, wet nosed kings and queens and feel the need to tear down brand new local businesses who are trying to make it. You don’t deserve that. I, for one, can’t wait to see you guys thrive and I know that every new business takes time to work out some kinks and tweak things in order to become even better. We’re here for it. Sorry I didn’t take photos, it smelled so good, I just dug right in and forgot all about trying to be a self obsessed “foodie” like a lot of these immature people. I don’t write reviews often, but y’all are worth my time. Much love
12/10 I went here with my mom and holyyy I think I found a new ramen joint, top tier quality ramen. Best I've ever had, the staff was very friendly. The chef definitely knows what he's doing. I'll be here regularly. Only sad thing is they don't have ramune or japanese drinks. And for what it's worth it's just amazing
Cameron Mazzeo
Just happy to have a ramen place. I hope this place sticks around. Food was good. They play a Jamaican music soundtrack when I was there. Not a bad atmosphere, felt nice.